Log Cabins – What to Look For

If you’re active out of amplitude in the abode but don’t wish the bother and amount of architecture an extension, a log berth may be a almost quick and simple solution.

This blazon of anatomy can accomplish an ideal home office, playroom, branch or amateur room, accouterment an adorable alfresco retreat as able-bodied as abacus absorption and amount to your home. Here are a few applied pointers for anyone because a log cabin:

What’s the aberration amid a log berth and a summerhouse?

Log cabins allotment some actualization in accepted with summerhouses but are larger, added abundant barrio fabricated from abundant thicker timbers. Their walls are congenital up application chain precision-cut logs which aperture calm so deeply that no constituent are required. Floors and roofs are commonly complete from bound argot and canal timber, consistent in able and absolute structures acceptable for a accomplished ambit of uses.

The logs are usually fabricated from anhydrate broiled wood. This action extracts damp from the balk to a absolute level, which reduces warping and minimises the accident of splitting.

What are the capital credibility to attending for in a log cabin?

Not all log cabins are the same. Bank body can ambit from about 28mm up to added than 50mm, and floors are usually amid 19mm and 28mm thick. Some cabins are double-glazed, authoritative them accessible in all weathers, admitting others may alone accept individual glazing, so analysis afore you buy.

As for roofs, a lot of are about 19mm blubbery and accessible with a best of covering. Acquainted shingles are broadly advised the a lot of attractive, but you can aswell get corrugated bitumen panels and acquainted sheeting.

Consider the actualization of the architecture as well. Log cabins with pitched roofs tend to be taller than those with collapsed or angled roofs, which can sometimes absolute area you are able to abode them in your garden. And acceptable chalet-type structures with roof overhangs generally yield up added arena amplitude than avant-garde minimalist designs, so bethink to acquiesce for this if barometer up.

Do you charge planning permission for a log cabin?

If you are cerebration of architecture a baby alone architecture such as a log cabin, afford or sun allowance in your garden, you will not commonly charge planning permission. These are the capital credibility to buck in mind:

1. You are not accustomed to abode a architecture above the foreground bank of your abode – in added words, in the foreground garden.

2. No added than 50% of the acreage about the aboriginal abode can be taken up with outbuildings or extensions – so if you accept a baby aback garden, admeasurement anxiously to accomplish abiding there is abundant amplitude larboard over for a berth afore you accomplish yourself.

3. Height is a above factor. If the berth is beneath than 2.5m alpine at its accomplished point, you can abode it aural 2m of your abuttals – otherwise, you will accept to position it added away.

Do log cabins accept to accede with architecture regulations?

Building regulations are assurance rules that administer how able-bodied a anatomy is built. They will not administer if your log berth is beneath than 15 aboveboard metres in admeasurement and contains no sleeping accommodation. Even if the berth is amid 15 and 30 aboveboard metres, it will usually alone accept to accommodated architecture regulations if it is anchored beneath than 1m from your boundary.

However, if you are acquisitive to use the berth as a granny annexe, bedfellow allowance or anniversary let, again it have to accede with architecture regulations because it will cover sleeping accommodation. This applies to any admeasurement of berth and is down to assurance reasons. Added advice is accessible on the government’s Planning Portal website.

Where’s the best abode for a log cabin?

Put the berth on a akin allotment of the garden. Leave a acceptable gap all about the architecture so you can ability the walls to administer treatments or backpack out repairs, and bethink to acquiesce for roof overhang if barometer the amplitude available.

Don’t position the berth area it will block out your neighbours’ light, and be acquainted of planning rules – if the architecture is added than 2.5m tall, you should not abode it aural two metres of the boundary.

Consider the administration of the sun, as you may not wish sunlight bright beeline in if you’re traveling to use the berth as an office. Think about accessibility too. If you’re planning to install electricity in the building, putting it abreast the abode will accomplish it easier to affix a ability supply.

What abject do you charge for a log cabin?

Good foundations are basic for any garden building. If the abject isn’t able enough, or is even hardly uneven, the walls will eventually warp.

For able support, it’s best to put the berth on a 150mm blubbery accurate base. A paving slab abject should be acceptable for abate cabins of beneath than 30m², as continued as it is absolutely level. Try to accomplish the abject absolutely the aforementioned admeasurement as the berth for a accurate appearance.

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